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Bridging & Development Finance Loans from Charter HCP



We provide bridging finance for developer exits and for residential property acquisition. In addition, Charter HCP can provide a bridge before moving to the development stage of the project. The development stage can be funded under our Refurbishment or Ground Up product.


Charter HCP offers bridging finance for residential projects only. We can also fund schemes if there are a few final works remaining under our Finish & Exit Product.

Modern House



Charter HCP funds light, medium & heavy refurbishment projects. These parameters are determined by the percentage of works compared to the day one market value. Upper limits are 25%, 25-100% and 101+% for light, medium and heavy respectively. Therefore, the product is suitable for residential conversions or commercial to residential projects. The Planning Flexibility feature applies across all refurb types.

Modern Kitchen



The Finish & Exit is designed for projects which are part-complete. This means they are not eligible for a traditional developer exit because there are works remaining on the site.

For example, the developer may have either run out of their existing development finance facility and so there are insufficient funds to complete the project or the developer was relying on sales processed to fund the project which have not come in.

Wooden House



Our Ground Up funding starts from 8% p.a. It has the in-house expertise to structure the best solution for development transactions. Charter HCP has funded a range of developments from large single units to smaller residential apartments. This product is suitable for schemes across England from London to Birmingham, Manchester to Leeds, Liverpool to Newcastle and across the UK.

Charter HCP can support with site purchases or exit finance through its Residential Bridging product.

Moscow City construction site


Charter HCP has worked hard to build a smooth process from initial enquiry to completion
and then from completion to redemption. We aim to be as transparent as possible around
what is required at each stage so that we are able to meet timeframes and exceed

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